How much does it cost actually, The Casual Lounge

How much does it cost actually, The Casual Lounge?

All information about costs and prices of The Casual Lounge 2019.

Registration Process: 4,0 /5 Contact: 4,5 /5 Profile Information: 4,0 /5 App: Practice Test: 4,0 /5.

The cost at The Casual Lounge.

unique payment concept for men Dating for women is completely free percentage of women percentage of men outweighs more success thanks to individual partner proposals for discrete payment by credit card possible.

The Cost.

Duration / Credits / Coins cost per month total VIP membership for men / month / month / month.

The Casual Lounge is expensive or cheap?

In comparison with other providers, The Casual Lounge is in the upper midfield . Try it now for free.

The is free:

Registration and profile create Profiles, add photos, view messages, write Now free to try.

The is not free of charge:

all the messages read the full communication of private pictures.

Erotic Dating platform of entertainers vs. real women.

Konrad is married, relatively happy with his life and still wants to enjoy a sexual adventure. He logs on initially for three months of a Premium membership at Casual Lounge. For this purpose, he paid every month for 49.90 Euro, charged in a total amount 149,70 Euro. He can now communicate with his contacts to your heart’s content and thanks to the high proportion of female students the best opportunities to experience already in the near future to Meet .

Harald was also in the short term, considering whether he should choose Casual Lounge as a provider. To him, the costs appeared too high, and so he opted for a clearly sexual Portal in which he had to a monthly fee of 29.90 euros to pay. Thanks to the supposed Savings, he booked for a whole year and paid 358,80 Euro. What was not noticed Harald, however, at the beginning, that it was the Portal to a purely profit-oriented companies. The supposed women with whom he anima were overshadowed thousand inside, the company paid people for money chat. Accordingly, a Meeting came about, at any time, and Harald was very disappointed.

Cost summary:

Konrad, costs in the amount of 149,70 Euro for three months with a reputable platform. Harald incurred costs in the amount of 358,80 Euro for a year on a dubious platform.

To subscribe to or not? The costs in the case of Casual Lounge worthwhile ?

The cost of a Premium membership is the provider of Casual Lounge is relatively high. So rather a different Portal to visit? The answer is no, because the Casual Lounge is a reputable provider who actually keeps his promises. Many unscrupulous portals curls with dumping offers and daily users of the access grateful. How much does it cost actually, The Casual Lounge The Casual Lounge
Unfortunately, the method behind it, because such a provider to work with Animators and animators. The female Profiles are not real, but are operated by employees. The can be women, but even men and so you know as a member never who you actually chat. It goes without saying that such anima is not an expensive interested in real Meeting and your investment was completely in vain .

Casual Lounge, however, makes only promises that can be kept. You’re a Premium member, you will receive high-quality Matches that fit the specified Desires. Only you can determine what you would like to have a matching Partner. According to your information, proposals will be generated and you can restore the contacts .

Unique fair concept of the cost.

Numbers, and then use it to know most of the users of Dating portals. Not so with Casual Lounge, here there is a unique payment concept, from which you can benefit. If you sign up, you first of all the rest of your profile. How much does it cost actually, The Casual Lounge contact proposals and wait for
Up to this point, you pay nothing. But even then, if you already receive contact proposals, remains Casual Lounge free of charge. Usually men are asked, at the latest when sending messages to the cashier, but here, too, the Casual Lounge is the great exception. How much does it cost actually, The Casual Lounge Cost summary
You can cover letter your contact proposals and wait for a response. Will be paid only if you already have the answers and want to read. So you can wait in peace and see how high the resonance of the ladies at all. No answers – no payment, so easy and, above all, fair is the concept of the provider.

More opportunities with the Premium membership.

A reputable Portal without payment, there is not. The few completely free sites are crowded with Fakes, purchasable ladies and love scammers, and just want to grab your money. Do it for you, for your own sake not to, on such a page fall. In the end, you’re the most wasted you have your time. In the case of Casual Lounge for you and the cost, but you can record in a target-oriented contact with women of your type. This increases the chances of a successful Date significantly. Those free portals are used almost exclusively by men, and if a woman lost there, she is harassed every hour with hundreds of messages. What do you think, how high is the Chance that such a woman under 500 Mails, reading your is and answered?

Premium members receive exclusive suggestions completely free pages can not work date opportunity is for Premium members is significantly higher for costs, there are fair benefits.

I need to note at the time of payment to Casual Lounge ?

You are offered to pay your costs in two ways. Either you transfer the amount manually or you can choose the debit by credit card. The latter has the advantage that all functions directly available. In the case of a Transfer it can sometimes take until your money arrived on the account of the provider and credited to .

If you’re Worried that the booking text could be in the case of payment with credit card is compromising, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Casual Lounge white with the theme of discretion to deal, and so charges are always carried out by a neutral company .

Timely notice is important.

Like almost all of the online portals also Casual Lounge does not renew the membership automatically, unless you cancel in good time. Your cancellation must be received in written Form by the provider, a call, unfortunately. How much does it cost actually, The Casual Lounge at The
It is important to note that you do put your Full user name and your E-mail address on the notice. To be sure, can you cancel right after you purchase a subscription again. Then you need to you during the entire duration no thoughts on a possible deadline to make failure to .

How fair is the cost at the Casual Lounge ?

Also, when the costs are compared with some other providers in the upper part, they are, nevertheless, transparent and appropriate. The variety of Casual Lounge is high, in particular, that partners ‘ proposals, work is outstanding. An investment that is worthwhile if you’re willing to actively socialize.

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