Sight matching – The ultimate Dating Trend for Globetrotters

Sight matching – The ultimate Dating Trend for Globetrotters.

You explore the world, fly to your dream destination and know exactly how to go on? Tinder white Council!

What is sight matching?

The latest concept in Dating-vocabulary is “sight matching”, a box of word from “Sightseeing” and “Matching” You’re traveling alone and looking for some local company? Out with the Smartphone and to Tinder & Co here you can find most easily, nice Locals who will show you around the area .

Are Dating Apps really suitable only for Dates? Quite the contrary! Our in-house Dating expert, Celia Schweyer has used on their last Trip, the App Tinder for quite different purposes, and can confirm that there is hardly a better way to recruit on the Fast, friendly guide”.”

As I have with the sight matching started .

First of all, I actually quite like to be alone. So I have the opportunity to go where it takes me, without having to compromise. Most of the time I was also advise by Pinterest, Facebook groups, and guide very well, or have me connected on the go with other backpackers .

On my last trip in the Caribbean, Guadeloupe, an archipelago in the lesser Antilles and a French Übergebiet, however, it was almost impossible to tried-and-true learning methods use. There is no English-language Facebook groups, no Hostels (I stayed in an Airbnb) and in addition, I had no car. So I knew roughly what I wanted to look at everything, but not really how I going to get everywhere should.

So I sat on the first evening with a beer on my deck and had THE idea: let’s Try it on with Tinder!

The Sight Matching Profile.

To needed this is the purpose of my Tinder profile urgently a Update. Because, of course, the Text was designed to Tindern in the home and in English. Have to worry about it from the beginning, for clear conditions, I decided to out myself as a traveller, and was looking for company to explore the island together. Nevertheless, a clear “no” compared to “real” Dates I’ve left out. After all, I am Single and had no objection to a holiday flirt, a nice boy would find .

My Text was (translated):

“Explore the world (just in Guadeloupe up to 20. December)! Unfortunately, I only speak very little French. Search of companions, the want to explore with me this beautiful place. From Munich, Germany”

Next, I uploaded a new picture of me, which I had just made in the afternoon on the beach by me. Ready, set, go!

In search of Locals.

I would find it here in Guadeloupe men like me? Because, let’s be honest: Even if I “sought only” to men, show me some great places, so it should be, I would also at home, swipe to the right. Why? A tour takes at least a few hours, and I wouldn’t want to spend it with someone that suits me so don’t. Therefore:

No Profiles, only a photo and little information, No Profiles with exclusively French profile text (my French is really very very weak!) No Profiles in which anything about Hookups, One Night Stands or other sexual interests, And, ultimately, the men should appeal to me visually .

To my Surprise, more men than expected, and all corresponded to these criteria. Home seats and I swipe away sometimes for 5 minutes each and every profile, because there is simply nothing suitable there, and the App frustrated again. But here, I had already in the first Minute, two men, and I was able to swipe right. A there was immediately a Match of it when I received a little later a notification that he wanted to meet me, too. To me, it was clear that The Plan is working!

Experience and success with sight matching.

Martin, 32, A Children’s Doctor.

Martin looked wahnsinng well on his profile pictures – blond, tall, sporty. He also seemed to have a sense of Humor: On one of his pictures, he sat like a Monkey on a rock under a waterfall and grinned like a little Boy. Other images showed him Hiking and at work.

He wrote to me a couple of minutes after we had matched. He told me that he worked as a pediatrician in a hospital and about a year ago from mainland France to Basse-Terre on Guadeloupe was pulled. Sight matching - The ultimate Dating Trend for Globetrotters After returning
Pretty much everything he’s super sound wrote sympathetic and shortly after that, he asks also:

“Do you have time tomorrow? I can show you the “Soufrière”!”

The Soufrière is a volcano and the highest mountain in the lesser Antilles, and as such, he was of course on my to-Do list. So I said immediately. He mentioned that he would only have a few hours time, it was clear from the outset that this would not necessarily be a classic Date. He was delayed a bit, because he had to pick up a buddy who also came along.

The hike was incredibly exhausting but at the same time really great. We climbed to the summit in about two hours. The view and the view into the crater despite the acrid sulfur of a grandiose experience of vapours, as I wanted to make here. On the way down I take a tumble, unfortunately, pretty bad and knocked me almost a Tooth, but remained brave. Martin, probably a doctor, mind you read me then and disappeared to his appointment. With his buddy then I went to a pharmacy and a street food market with a limp, then we drove together back to the Bus. Too bad he was all of eight years younger than I, he was also pretty sweet. Martin and I have not written to us then continue .

Alex, 33, Teacher.

The next man I met was Alex. He proposed immediately to show me “a beautiful river”, or more precisely, he said, whose source is in the middle of the tropical rain forest. I was immediately really enthusiastic. Also, he looked pretty good. He picked me up so the next day from my Airbnb and we drove off .

After driving through sugar cane and banana plantations, we arrived at a rather strange Parking lot in front of a completely rundown house. But directly behind it is a small footpath led to the path over fallen trees, and steep, muddy slopes, which were only overcome by using lianas to, directly to the “Saut de la Lézarde” – a breathtaking place!

It was one of those crystal-clear rule, the forest-pools that I had only previously seen on Bali-vacation pictures of friends. I immediately wanted to hinenspringen, but Alex claimed to have caught a cold and don’t want to go for a swim. What the heck, so I did alone. The jump from the 12-Meter-high waterfall, I let me also, of course, not to be missed, he has luckily for me been filmed, see below. He also had some Grass in the process, “because all the German women Smoking weed like that, right?”. All in all a successful afternoon so. Then he drove me home, we listened to in the car, loud music – but have lost quite a speedy return to the contact .

Jonathan, 30, a sound engineer in the Film.

Jonathan (he insisted that we speak English and not French, even though he was 100% French) was a really hot guy. He reminded me days of a little bit of a crush from my Teenage. To write, we started one Evening and he said that he was bored and if I wanted to get a Drink – had to me. He picked me up about an hour later from Airbnb .

On the trip we got along excellent. He had mentioned in the Letter, although some of the Bars and the port; we bought, however, beer in a Kiosk and he drove us to a small beach a few kilometres further on. It was already pretty dark.

However, unlike one might expect, didn’t happen this evening much. We drank our beer and talked about the beach and other things. On the drive home he asked suddenly “do you Like adventure?” Sure, he Sex said. But for me it was not after that, so I reacted with a terse “Not on the first Date”, he let it go and brought me home.

We wrote more and after a few days we met again. We drove to a different beach, drank wine and listened to music and. Sight matching - The ultimate Dating Trend for Globetrotters only speak very little
well, let’s just say it was very funny and plenty uncomfortable. Trust me: In complete darkness and on a sandy mangrove tree supportingly Sex, can really keep up with the romantic idea of making love on the beach .

He wrote to me afterwards, and it was a bit strange, as he insisted that I tell him and describe how I “found it” with him. But, no regrets, I had fun.

“Honorable Mentions”

Luc, 33.

We wrote to us and found that we wanted to go the next day to the same place. Sight matching - The ultimate Dating Trend for Globetrotters from my Airbnb and
Yes, in fact, for some of the trips I needed a personal Taxi, but took the Bus. But of course, it was a welcome Surprise to the village of Deshaies and its beaches are not alone explore. So we met, had lunch, walked a bit through the area and drank too much Rum. Then we went swimming and snorkeling at the “Plage de la Perle”. We didn’t come to us, write to us today.

Raphael, 34.

Raphael like I was a Tourist, and also had a day tour to the Islands of “Petite Terre” on his paper. We coordinated and met us on the tour catamaran. There was the mood felt in the Morning, Rum-Punch, so quickly. Snorkeling with yellow sharks, turtles and all sorts of tropical fish we got us a little closer. After returning, we went to a Bar and made out a little, more do not want to but also .

The mandatory Depp.

A must have, right? His Name was Romain , and he worked as a chef in a club hotel. He wanted to meet me and mentioned that he would have in the following week, two days time, he wanted to spend with me. Now, Yes? He was then a little clearer: “So I’ll sleep with you, ne? Haha.”. I canceled on him and me will no longer be reported.

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