Test 2019 – Mature women young men

Test 2019 - Mature women young men

Test 2019 - Mature women young men

Test 2019 - Mature women young men

Cougar Dates in the Test of September 2019 rip-off or real Dates?

Cougar Dating is a Portal, which was launched by the dateyard AG and allows both ladies Mature as well as young, hunky men, each other data. At first glance, it seems to be very many active Users who are also really communicative. However, how serious the members are here?

The adventure is in the foreground, therefore, anonymity is paramount here. How does this, however, the number of Fake Users? Performed controls, or is the login really completely anonymous? Learn here all the important information about the Dating Portal Cougar Dating and decide whether the page fits to your needs .

The Registration.

Registration by E-Mail address Anonymous E-Mail address must be The registry’s proposals confirmed the process takes about 10 minutes After logging in, you will immediately receive a User-.

The sign-in process on Cougar Dating is very user-friendly. By specifying the E-Mail address, gender and date of birth will be created anonymously, your Account. Note that the e-Mail address should be valid, as you need to confirm the Link you receive via email. After the registration the opportunity to make voluntary disclosures to your Person. A profile picture can be uploaded at this step. This is checked by the Support and only then unlocked. The registration will take a maximum of ten minutes and leaves you the decision on how anonymous your profile should be. After the login process you will have access to all of the features Cougar Dating to you as a basic User.


Conversations users are between the Premium possible, You can User free anflirten messages can only be done by paid members, read Gross search filter is free for all The full matches function is available to all users.

The communication on Cougar-Dates.de for non-paying members is very complicated, since neither the messages sent can be read. The only way a User contact is via the Anflirten. Here, you can choose between the following three sentences with the appropriate from:

Test 2019 - Mature women young men

Want to have an adventure? Your profile seems in with fantasies. What is for you the erotic?

This sets you free to send the answer to that, but only as a Premium member to read. Do you want a User to discover, you have a rough search filter available. Here you can set age, gender, city, and perimeter. Of the users, which are then shown to you, you see the age and the first of the four sexual preferences. The profile picture is just too blurry. The hit function you will see user photos and decide whether they like you. After the ‘Hot or Not’ principle, you can choose as simple members that you like.

The Profile Information.

Profile information is not very detailed Sexual preferences can be specified by predefined keywords, profile pictures are only for Premium members You can decide how much you of yourself you’re going to Write a Text about you, you see also the texts of other users.

The Profiles that you can find on cougar-dates.de , are, unfortunately, not often very meaningful. Zodiac sign, relationship status, age and gender information, the need of each User. Information on the appearance and the Upload of the image, in turn, are voluntary. The uploaded profile pictures are only for paying Users. On your profile you can write a short Text about yourself. You 400 words are available for this purpose. Fill in this Text, you see the self-descriptions of the other members also. Since sexual adventures are on the platform Cougar Dates in the foreground, it is possible, on the basis of predetermined keywords, your sexual preferences. Here you have a large selection of practices, places and much more. You visit a User, are stored in the shared preferences in red and you will see whether you match or not.

Members of the structure.

The majority of the female User is over 40 years old men, in all age classes of User are very communicative Partially Fake represented-User available Only to few Users in rural areas.

Cougar Dating has a very wide range of users – both female as well as male Singles are here represented. As the Website promises, the majority of women who are already logged more than 40. The youngest female members here are around 30 years old. Men, in turn, are found in all age classes. So the ladies have a really good selection of men of all ages. The User who is the cougar-dates.de are registered in Germany, and that especially in rural regions, only a few members are.

A plus point is that The Users are very communicative. This is noticeable already at the beginning, because directly after login, some messages are received. Here, however, please also note that it is partially in order to Lock Users, who would like to entice you to pay. Eighth therefore always ensure that the profile is sufficiently filled and a reputable impression.

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